What Are Male Erotic Massages?

There are many ancient methods for massaging male genital organs. Different strokes in the pressure points may help to control ejaculation. Such massages help the recipient to control the orgasm until the maximum arousal is achieved.

In Sanskrit, the male organ is called as lingam or wand of light. One of the better ways to keep body healthy is sex. The word sex used in this context is not the sexual intercourse but the sensations that are aroused during it.

The goal of male erotic massage is not only to massage the genital but also to massage the perineum, testicles and sacred spot externally which will in turn offer the maximum pleasure to the person who is receiving it.

How to Begin the Massage?

Make the person lie on his back. Cover a pillow with towel and place it under his hip. Spread his legs apart with knees slightly bent, So that his genital is fully exposed for the massage. Take a deep breath and start massaging the legs, chest, nipples, thighs, abdomen, etc. Ask the receiver to breathe deeply often to get into the extremity of relaxation.

Pour little oil on the lingam and testicles. Massage very gently so that no pain is caused because in the sensitive areas. Massage gently the scrotum, pubic bone, perineum area between the anus and testicles. Take more time while massaging the shaft of the Lingam. With your right hand gently squeeze at the base of the lingam and with the help of your left hand pull up and slide off. Take time doing this on both sides. After that, change the direction by squeezing the head of the lingam and then slide it up and down.

Male erotic massage cure many ailments. When squeezing, the lingam is likely to ejaculate sperms. At that time back off and allow it to soften little and then continue the remaining massage. The important thing to remember is that the goal is not only the orgasm. It should also teach men the art of controlling ejaculation. The key in a male erotic massage is deep breathing which will in turn soften the urge to ejaculate. Orgasm and ejaculation are the two different things.

The Sacred Spot

There is a small pea like structure which is present in between the anus and testicles. This is called the male’s sacred spot. Gently push it inwards. Be gentle and push inward so that he can feel the pleasure deep inside. This act might be uncomfortable at beginning. When this area is worked upon, the recipient would be able expand his genitals and master ejaculatory control. Massage Sacred Spot with your left hand and lingam with your right hand. He may have strong emotions when accessing this sacred spot. So, it is important to make him feel comfortable.

Understand the nuances discussed above and offer your best to give the maximum sexual pleasure that the customers crave for!