The Theology of Naturist Massage

Naturist Massage follows the concept of naturism. Naturism is an idea of going nude in social settings in order to promote stability of the body and the mind and encourage freedom of expression. People following naturism participate in any activity where people go naked. They celebrate their freedom by getting rid of their man-made clothes. Another kind of naturist group people express themselves by going to nude resorts or beaches. Becoming naked and getting involved in social activities is the best way for naturists to express themselves. Naturists reflect their ideas through nude scuba diving, nude canoeing, nude skydiving, etc. they encourage wholesomeness and freedom.

Naturist Massage follows the notion of naturists in which both the client and the therapist are fully naked. Naturist massage is just like any other massage therapy except that the person giving and receiving massage are completely without any cloth on their bodies. People willing to experience naturism may go for this massage. According to naturists, the things that we do everyday wearing clothes can also be done without wearing anything. They idea behind this is acceptance of the physical features and structure that nature has given us. Naturists try to make people aware of these features and encourage simple living with happiness and liberty.

Naturist massage is provided in a room with a higher temperature. Clients listen to different kinds of slow music during the therapy. After the massage is over, the client is offered a shower or a steam bath or a sauna. Naturist massage is more natural in the sense that massaging is also done in private parts which is not done in other massage parlors. Naturist Massage is very much alluring because whoever gets this massage is rejuvenated.

Many times, I have seen people having misconception that naturist massage involves sexual activities. But this is not true. Individuals providing this kind of massage therapy are qualified in this area and are not interested in this because of its sexual aspect.

Although naturist massage was introduced by naturists, there are always people misusing a creative idea. With the introduction of professional naturist massage, many people introduced sensual naturist massage thereby causing people to develop a negative attitude towards naturist massage. This sensual massage also involves activities encouraging sexual arousal.

However, couples can always practice naturist massage and can try the therapy on each other, whether it be a sensual one or a professional one. This kind of massage is nothing to be ashamed of. However, even if people are shy about entering a massage parlor for such massage, s/he can always get it in his/her home from his/her spouse if the spouse has practiced the massage techniques.

Naturist massage is a good relaxation technique and everyone receiving this massage is sure to benefit a lot from this.