Shiatsu Massage In Depth

We have come across a lot of massage therapies. This is yet another massage therapy known as Shiatsu Massage. This therapy is an age old method followed in Japan. This Japanese method is used to relieve you of the muscle pain and the tightness caused all through the body. This massage is an awesome effective type. The Japanese originally used to heal the muscle pain and tightness with this type of massage.

Shiatsu Massage is done on a entirely clad i.e. the person need not be undressed. But one thing needs to be taken care that nothing restraining must be worn.

It is told that this Shiatsu Massage is based on the Chinese principles. These principles work on the body’s natural energy centers. These energy centers remove the blockages. This removal helps to restore the normal flow of important bio energy. Bio energy is called as ‘Ki’ in Japanese and ‘Chi’ in Chinese. These energy points are called meridians. These unblocking is done by using stimulation or pressure over these pressure points on the body. These pressure points are called acupuncture or acupuncture points in English.

This Shiatsu massage is more of the Easter tradition. This therapy is a blend of spiritual, physical, medical sides if the body for maximum benefit. Shiatsu technique are designed to rejuvenate muscles. This helps to increase the blood flow to the specific areas. Hence incase of any problems it can be identified and cured. The Shiatsu Massage techniques are as usual the same stretching and pulling of arms and legs. The main purpose of this techniques is to release and balance the ‘Ki’ or the energy. Especially at the places where it has been stopped or over stimulated. The power of human touch is magical wand that has a tremendous relaxing and soothing effect on the whole body.

shiatsu massage

This technique does not limit to the finger pressure. But it goes down to joint rotations and joint manipulations. This helps to offering Shiatsu Massage not only to the body but also to the mind and the soul.

In this Shiatsu Massage, you experience not only a muscle relaxation but also reduce the stress levels. The toxins are released from the body. This makes the body even more flexible. The free movements helps in the improved blood circulation. This also reduces the blood pressure. All these will automatically lead to a calming effect. Obviously, the Shiatsu massage helps to reduce mental anxieties if there is any.