Japanese Massage Chairs

Advantage of Japanese Massage Chairs

Massage can be done by using chairs and this is usually a short massage from five to 30 minutes. Chair massage can be done with the clothing. It targets the tension areas in the neck, back, arms and shoulders. A professional therapist can perform massage to anyone using the specially designed chair. The massage chairs are portable and can be moved to any workplace. The massage done in chair is commonly referred to as chair massage or seated massage.

This kind of massage can be done in all kinds of environment. Only half of the chair massages ares done in the work place (corporate massage service). Other kinds of massage (retail chair massage) can be done in massage stores or massage booths which has increasingly become common now.

There are many competent massage chair manufacturers around. The latest massage chairs are equipped with array of sensors, air bags and pressure pads that help us in stress relief.

Matsushita Electric Works Ltd

There are many massage chair manufactures around the world but Japanese massage chair occupies a unique place in the market. Since around 2000, Japan has greatly improved the massage-chair technology. Japanese Massage chair manufactures have begun to produce hi-tech chairs which is capable of massaging the body like an expert rather than harsh bumpy traditional massages.

The best bet is the fact that the pressure points are precisely aligned with the pads in case of Japanese chairs. Manufacturers have also been using innovative technologies so that the chair can adapt to the distinctive surface of each individual’s back.

Japan massage chair manufacturer, Matsushita Electric Works Ltd, has done research with different professional massage therapists . Analysis has been don’t by this manufacturer in the area of finger pressure and kneading, power and direction of pressure and personal’s muscle structure. Matsushita then developed a motor capableof moving vertically and horizontally around the back’s pressure points by adjusting the power points.

Sanyo Electric Co

Another Japan massage chair manufacturer is Sanyo Electric Co. This company includes the technology of lie detectors in the manufacture of massage chairs. The chair is provided with a type of sensor which is capable of determining the effectiveness of massage. The sensor changes their pulses according to the recipient’s comfort and pain. Sanyo’s sensors monitor these two characteristics while a massage takes place. The sensor also senses the sweat.

Fujiiryoki Co

Fujiiryoki Co is also making chairs for about 50 years using air bags to apply pressure. These bags are responsible for massaging gently the pressure points of the shoulder’s outer edge.

shiatsu massage chair


Inada is the leading luxury massage chair manufacturer in the world. It is consciously constructed with the knowledge of ancient body’s shiatsu points.

Deluxe Chairs Dominate the Market

Hi-tech massage chair’s price has been raised twice in the last few years. In 2001, around 400,000 massage chairs were sold. In 2004 the number increased to 470,000 according Matsushita research.

Get to know the statistics and facts discussed here before you opt for your purchase of massage chair in future for that can aid you in choosing the best!